Facts & Figures

Healthcare Performance Partners is a healthcare performance improvement company focused on helping healthcare organizations make the right work easier to do by helping providers improve processes, remove waste and inefficiency and implement management systems to sustain and build upon gains.

Sole Focus: The healthcare industry

Offerings: Lean Healthcare Solutions, Lean Facility Solutions, Performance Improvement Consulting, Organizational Development and Learning Solutions, and Quality, Safety and Reliability Solutions

Clients: Has helped implement Lean Healthcare and process improvement in more than 200 hospitals, systems and healthcare partners around the world. Trained associates from more than 500 organizations in Lean implementation. Supports for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals and health systems, ambulatory networks, free-standing clinics, health industry associations, insurance and worker’s compensation providers and suppliers in their steps towards process and organizational excellence.

Culture: Corporate charitable giving and community outreach is engrained within the culture; Strong focus on well-being, healthy lifestyles and choices for its people to increase productivity and reduce healthcare-related costs

Our Staff:  Our consulting force is composed of professional Lean healthcare facilitators, physicians, clinicians, organizational development professionals, educators, and management and industrial engineers with an ideal blend of experience in Lean tools training and deployment, Lean visual and daily management systems, organizational development and learning, strategic planning, deployment and review, all in support of transforming healthcare providers into  high-performing and high-reliability organization.

Founded: A leader in Lean Healthcare since 2004

Headquarters: Gallatin, Tenn.