Client Stories

Assessments of recently-acquired clinics identify significant opportunities for improvement

HPP has a history of successful implementation of process improvement methodologies at this system in hospital, ambulatory, and physician clinic locations. HPP has provided assessment services for newly acquired physician practices. There had been reoccurring issues in certain clinic operations that led to: 

  • 8-10 week lead times for patient appointments
  • Bottlenecks in lab services
  • Wait times in the Urgent Care Clinic settings that have resulted in a Left Without Treatment (LWOT) occurrence of 6% to 8%.

HPP staff conducted on-site assessments of targeted clinics to identify potential improvement areas and provided an executive summary with a written report of findings. As a part of that assessment HPP identified areas for revenue improvement and cost reductions utilizing Lean process improvement strategies. Findings and recommended strategies produced by HPP included: 

Over $800,000 in additional revenue from improved patient flow and re-designed scheduling process in a clinic. 

$75,000 in savings from the development of a nursing pool for shared clinical staff requests.

Recommendations of improvements in the patient flow process focused on patient length of time in the Urgent Care Clinic resulted in additional capacity revenue of $900,000 from the decrease in rate of patients who LWOT.