Our Approach

The American healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Rising costs, changing reimbursement, nursing shortages, patient volume and employee satisfaction challenges are all symptoms of deeper problems inherent in the system itself. Healthcare providers of all sizes are challenged with the need to swiftly reduce the overall cost of care delivery in order to stay relevant and successful. The need for healthcare providers to eliminate waste within their operations is critical strategy that will improve quality and safety for their patients, employees and their community. 

It is common to achieve success through deployment of Lean Healthcare tools alone. However, this approach tends to result in achievements that are only short-term, and ‘pockets’ of activity that are not spreading. Implementing a comprehensive Lean Enterprise model is the way to transform your entire organization into a safe and high-quality, high-performing healthcare delivery system. With a self-sustaining system, you can eliminate many obstacles to excellence, such as cumbersome information technology systems, employee frustration and inadvertent errors and oversights that can increase patient safety risks. 

Healthcare Performance Partners enterprise approach builds upon the initial success realized from Lean tools by enabling all levels of your organization to learn and transform your way of thinking.

Our Lean Healthcare Enterprise approach makes true transformation possible.

Build ‘spread’ in from the start: Organizational Development and Learning

Far too many Lean Healthcare organizations rely on a few centralized problem solvers, process improvement professionals or management engineers to carry the burden of a Lean transformation. This is a limiting and unsustainable approach. We offer focused cultural assessments, executive coaching and a pathway to spread Lean Healthcare learning to every corner of the organization, allowing you to effectively create an army of problem solvers.


Build initial excitement and success: Lean Tools

Process improvement or Lean Healthcare tools are the most commonly implemented components of a Lean enterprise system. In our experience, they are critical, yet are often the only effectively implemented component, and often mistakenly seen as the only component. We will help you fill any gaps in your Lean toolset, whether it is kaizen, A3, 5S or any other improvement tool. We’ll also coach your Lean facilitators towards a standardized delivery model that helps you build sustainable improvements.

Leverage the vital few: Strategic Plan Deployment and Review

Lean Healthcare efforts are only truly strategic if they are directly connected to your organization’s strategy. To maximize effectiveness and not become distracted by the ‘trivial many’, your progress must be measured and reviewed on a regular basis. We help you leverage the ‘vital few’ by deploying your strategic plan with Lean tools and management system deployment. To do this, we develop annual and departmental plans supported by a balanced scorecard. By using line-of-sight planning, you connect high-level goals into real actions at the point of care.

Ensure improvement is sustained: Lean Management System

The Lean Healthcare enterprise cannot be sustained without a management system. Only a trivial portion of potential improvement can be captured through use of Lean tools alone. The rest is identified, prioritized and sustained through leadership support and management systems. We use a high-impact area with knowledge transfer approach to developing lean leaders and implementing Lean management systems.  Model areas, such as perioperative services or the emergency department, are developed first.  These model areas serve as a means of accelerating the rate of implementation to other areas through rapid replication.

Our approach is built on a foundation of improving and aligning People, Process, Purpose and Problem Solving

People: Our most important task is to develop your people to be able to practice daily management and continuous improvement.  We use a learn-by-doing approach to develop your front line staff, mid-level managers, executive leaders and improvement facilitators.  Through experiential learning and intense coaching Lean can become the way you do work.

Process: Lean Healthcare is about making the right work easier to do.  Processes must be established that are free of waste and frustrations so that the right care can be given every time by staff that are engaged and supported.  Our methods are effective in process design by taking advantage of the wisdom of your staff in designing care to achieve these aims.

Purpose: It is important for an organization to define their “True North” as it relates to values, goals, strategies, plans and measures as well as align everyone to that pursuit.  There are specific competencies and standards at each level of the organization that need to be established and supported.  

Problem Solving: There are many problems that exist in our complex environments and it is important to manage them effectively.  Organizational continuous improvement requires that everyone participate in problem solving.  We use a combination of classroom, project-based learning and management systems to drive root cause problem solving deeply into the organization.