Ambulatory and Alternate Care Settings

Lean for Clinic, Ambulatory and Alternate Care Settings

Non-acute-care organizations such as clinics, physician practices, ambulatory care networks, assisted living and long-term care providers are feeling many of the same pressures as hospitals. After all, the value stream of care does not begin at admission, nor does it end upon discharge.

It is becoming apparent that the migration of payment from traditional fee for service to bundled payments, value based reimbursement and eventually accountable care organizations provide compelling reasons to implement a Lean Healthcare system. 

Lean solutions right-sized for tomorrow’s healthcare delivery systems

The clinic setting may be less complex, but often has a low staff depth available for improvement. As such, clinics are commonly overlooked or ignored when deploying Lean. We will help you reduce costs while improving patient outcomes in a way that is appropriately scaled to the size of your organization.

Additionally, we can support the shift to ACO’s and incentivized payment programs by using Lean to advance Patient Centered Medical Home implementation, build team based care and improve quality. We understand and can assist with the complexity of care coordination and care management using population health strategies.

We can help your non-acute organization see significant improvements in just about any area, from patient flow improvements, to how quickly you get paid, to new facility design or optimization.